HOME . Mr. Constantine's work in combating drug-trafficking has inspired a dynamic, globe-trotting, cartel-smashing character named Tom Tyger, whose adventures will be chronicled in a series of comic books. Like Mr. Constantine, our hero doesn't just say "No" to drug abuse, violence and intolerance. Oh, no. He roars! And quite impressively, too.

There is a reason for his passion. His is a tragic story about the effect of drug abuse and addiction on individuals, families and communities. But it is also a story of hope and redemption and even recovery.

The Chinese consider the tiger a symbol of strength, courage and leadership. They also say that the year of the tiger, which comes every twelve, is a time of great achievement. Several key events in Mr. Constantine's career occurred during the year of the tiger. He was born in 1938, graduated first in his class from the New York State Police Academy in 1962, and nominated for the post of Superintendent of State Police in 1986 -- all years of the tiger.

The tiger is also part of our great story-telling heritage. The British poet William Blake authored "The Tyger", one of the most celebrated poems in the English language. Almost everyone knows the words: "Tyger, Tyger, burning bright/In the forests of the night." Blake wrote of the difficult coexistence of good and evil in the world. As adolescents, human beings learn to accommodate themselves to that paradox -- a crucial stage in the difficult process of becoming responsible adults.

Stories have great power to teach. The important ones we remember for life and they guide us through the stages of life. Poems have even greater power for they can they can make us see things in new ways. That can be a very practical thing. Sometimes, only if you look at a problem in a new way will you find its solution. Here is:

The Story of Tom Tyger

tyger jumping through hoop

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