HOME . During the week of July 15, 2000, The Honourable Eddie McGrady, a Member of Parliament representing South Down in Northern Ireland, rose to speak of his concern that paramilitary organizations that had long operated in the British Isles and participated in terrorist and criminal acts were beginning to involve themselves in drugs trafficking. He spoke eloquently and forcefully. And he caught our all-hearing ear.

23 July 2000

The Honourable Eddie McGrady, MP
House of Commons
London, England SW1A 2TT

Dear Mr. McGrady:

Since my good friend Professor Tom Constantine has become a public figure in the British Isles, I have been following the news there relating to the illegal drugs problem. I read of your impassioned speech in the Commons on the subject in The Belfast Telegraph. I'm sure you would agree that it will not do at all to have the world's greatest narcotics officer on the scene and things not going well in the war on drugs.

I don't mean to suggest that the authorities in Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are not capable of handling the situation, but the well-documented growing interest of the Latin American drug cartels in European markets augurs that the worst is yet to come. In Northern Ireland, we would not wish to see one intractable social problem on its way to solution only to be supplanted by another. Neither would we wish to see those who have operated outside the law for political ends in the past now take up doing so for purely criminal ends.

Because Professor Constantine's mandate as Oversight Commissioner is to see that the police service in Northern Ireland evolves into a community-oriented, problem-solving agency, the means and strategies for dealing with this emerging drugs problem must be central to that mission. In addition, the Professor is legendary in this country for his drafting of a huge and comprehensive memorandum setting forth his views on what the United States needs to do to win the war on drugs. He and his colleague FBI Director Louis Freeh personally handed this document to President Clinton. It has not seen the light of day since that occasion. You should ask him to reproduce as much of it as he can. The man has a prodigious memory, so I'm confident you will get what you ask for.

Prompted by your address in the Commons, I thought I would take this opportunity to draw to your attention the program we have created here that is inspired by Professor Constantine's remarkable achievements and admirable character. It is simple and imaginative. You may learn about it at our Internet web site: www.constantinescircus.org and from the enclosed profile published by the BBC last month. I trust that you will see why our challenge is: "The only thing that hasn't been tried in the war on drugs is imagination." At this time, we really must pour it on. So why don't you ask Professor Constantine when he is bringing his circus to town?

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