HOME . Constantine's Circus, Inc. is a type B not-for-profit educational and charitable corporation organized under the laws of the State of New York with offices in Albany, New York. We are recognized as tax exempt by the Internal Revenue Service. Our corporate purpose is as follows:
  • To identify, evaluate, develop and market products, programs and services with crime prevention, public safety, anti-drug abuse, anti-violence and anti-bias applications and that generate revenue to support its corporate activities;

  • to develop, publish and disseminate original literary works and multimedia learning resources for children that promote respect for law, justice and our justice to cooperate with schools, youth organizations, law enforcement agencies, crime prevention organizations, substance abuse services providers, libraries and community service organizations to improve, enhance and expand existing crime prevention, anti-drug abuse, anti-violence and anti-bias initiatives and programs and to develop new initiatives;

  • to develop public information and prevention education efforts including production of print, video and radio advertising materials, brochures, pamphlets and outdoor advertising, and other activities that will enhance public awareness of crime prevention methods and programs and promote resistance to legal and illegal drug abuse, violence and intolerance;

  • to the fullest extent authorized by law, actively seek financial, technical and in-kind support from local, county, state and federal governments and agencies thereof and from the private sector to support innovation in the development and implementation of crime prevention, anti-drug, anti-violence and anti-bias programs; and

  • to introduce young people to the criminal justice system, address the need to resist abuse of legal and illegal drugs, violence and intolerance in our society and to teach crime prevention methods and personal safety skills;

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