by Sue Cartwright

Back in Connerville or to be more precise, Miss Grettle's house, TC had brought his friend's drug sniffing dog along with him to check out her house. He took the dog all around the inside of the house and the dog did not detect anything unusual, so his next step was to take the dog out to the garage and have him sniff there. Once he went out the back door, he started to remember what the police chief had told him about what a neighbor had mentioned to him, that Miss Grettle would almost immediately come to the vegetable garden after she arrived home from her trip each week. He started to head for the garage and the dog must have gotten a whiff of something. He started to pull to the left and headed right for the parsnip patch.

TC could hardly keep up with the dog. The dog walking at a faster pace, sniffing as he went by each of the perfectly strait rows, headed to an area where the soil looked freshly dug. There he stopped and started to whimper.

“What ya got? Bud”, TC asked the dog. “Do ya think you found something?”

The dog sat right down at the spot in the parsnip patch and would not move. TC bent down and started to push away the soil only to come across a little box and beside it a plastic bag with some white residue and part of a small white pill.

“This couldn't be true. This couldn't be happening,” TC said to himself. “I could never believe that Miss Grettle could be selling drugs, but this is the proof that the police chief was looking for all along.” “Come on, Bud, time to go.” He gathered the evidence, placing it into a large plastic bag, sealed it and tucked it under his arm. He quickly walked to his truck, taking the dog with him. Once in the truck, he drove back to his parents house and dropped the dog off in the garage, leaving immediately for the police department. He knew he did not have a very long time before Miss Grettle would return from her trip, so he quickly stopped at the police station and told the police chief what he had found. Without too much hesitation, TC talked to the police chief, then hustled back to his truck, driving back to Miss Grettle's house. He would grab the building supplies and start the job of repairing the front porch steps.

Pretty soon, Miss Grettle pulled up in the driveway. She was not her usual smiling self when she got out of the car. In fact, her head was sort of hanging as she walked towards the front porch.

“Hello, TC”, she said with a quiet almost sad voice. “Looks like you have been busy today. The steps look great. I brought home some paint for them. I was wondering if you would time to paint them before you leave today.”

TC noticed that she was really down in the dumps and started to stand up from his crouching position near the newly positioned railing on the porch steps. “Here, let me help you carry those bags of groceries.” he said. “It might be better to use your back door, just for now, until I finish with these steps.”

“Ok,” Miss Grettle said as she grabbed a couple bags and her purse. But as she swung around to walk towards the rear of the house, she bumped her arm on the door of the car, knocking her purse to the ground. It hit and opened up, spilling all the contents including several little brown wrapped packages. She tried to scurry to pick them up, but it was too late. TC was right behind her, watching what had happened.

“I've got it, I...don't need your help,” a nervous Miss Grettle said.

TC looked at her and could see that she was very nervous scooping up the contents of her purse. “Here, let me help you with those bags, “ he said politely. He was pretty sure of what he saw falling from her purse. He did not question her right at that moment, but decided that it was time to find out what was really going on with her. He waited until they were both inside and as she was putting her groceries away, he started to ask her some questions.

“Miss Grettle, I noticed that you seemed very nervous as you were trying to pick up your purse out by the car. Is there something wrong? How was your treatment today? I sensed that you were very nervous, leading me to wonder if it was something I had done. Have I done anything wrong? And, what were all those little packages that fell from your purse?”

With that last question Miss Grettle started to cry openly. Sobbing she crumbled into the kitchen chair and proceeded to tell TC everything that had happened today, about her treatments, the fact that they weren't doing any good and about the little packages. She figured that it didn't make a difference anymore as there really was no hope left in her. She started to talk and everything just spilled out about the “mysterious man”, Dr. Thomas, the pills and the money. She kept on saying that she didn't really know what the pills were until today and that she knew that if she hadn't done these “favors” her treatments would have stopped long ago.

TC asked her if she knew what the pills were. She said the “mysterious man” told her that they were something called ecstacy and they really weren't very harmful if taken properly. TC then told her that this wasn't true, that these pills could do great damage and that people, especially students, lately have been found with them at the high school. He explained that his profession was that of a special agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration and it was his job to eliminate drugs like these and others off the streets as they were killing people. “Do you know how much trouble you are in, Miss Grettle?”TC asked. “Who have you given these little packages to? You know that I can help protect you from the “mysterious man”.

“He said there would be consequences if I told anyone about the packages and the money”, Miss Grettle sobbed. “I am so scared. What can I do?”

“First, you need to tell me everything you know, from day one, how you found out about this “mysterious man” and where he lives.” TC, spoke with a calm, but more rigid sounding voice. “You must tell me who sent you to this “mysterious man's” office and what the person offered you in return for “doing him favors.”

“But....but,”, Miss Grettle stuttered momentarily, “the 'mysterious man' said that if I told anyone, anything, that there would be consequences. I don't think he meant 'good' consequences,” shaking her head. “I trust you, TC. You have always been a good guy. I know that you want to help. So, I'll tell you all that I know. First, I hadn't been feeling too good lately and I had made an appointment with the new doctor in town, Dr. John Thomas. He gave me a check up and some tests and informed me of the results, that I had an rare illness that he could not treat, but that he knew that the hospital in the “big city” had some experimental trials opening up for candidates with this illness. He told me that I would be a good candidate, if I choose to become involved with the experimental treatments. He also told me that my health insurance would not cover the treatments as they were experimental in nature. I told him that I certainly did not have the money to pay for the treatments out of my pocket. He then told me of a person he would contact in the “big city” who might be able to help me. He gave me a slip of paper with the directions to this persons office. Frankly, when I arrived at the address, I was somewhat hesitant, as the address was in a rather poor section of town, but I thought that this was my only chance to find the money for the treatments. When I first saw this “mysterious man”, I didn't think anything might be wrong. He was neatly dressed, very polite and actually seemed sort of friendly. He wouldn't however tell me his name. He explained that he had been in contact with Dr. Thomas and knew about my illness and he did have a way for me to pay for the treatments. Again, I felt a little hesitant, but also knew that there was no other way I could afford the treatments, so I listened to his instructions as to what I had to do. He called what I was to do, “little favors”. He said that all I had to do, was to go to my treatment sessions at the hospital, each week and then stop here on my way home- the first week of treatment, to pick up some small packages, and every week there after, I was to stop at his office first on my way to the treatments and drop off the money I collected for the packages the previous week. He said to take them home and hide them in a secure place, but not in the house. He would contact persons in my town and let them know that “Grey Rose” the code name given to me, by him, would be delivering the packages at a certain time and place, that they would know me only by my code name. I thought of a place to hide the packages and the money. I figured that my parsnip patch wouldn't be harvested until next year, so no one would suspect anything if they saw me out there working in that bed. As the weeks went by, I followed his instructions faithfully and eventually I thought that this was actually adventurous on my part. I was beginning to enjoy the thrill of hiding the packages, living on the edge, so to speak.”

TC listened very carefully and wrote down what she had spoken. He did have some additional questions and decided the best place to ask them was down at the police station. So he asked her to come with him so they could speak with the police chief.

They both got into TC's truck and headed straight for the police station in town, bringing along the newest shipment of “little brown wrapped packages”. As they headed toward town, Miss Grettle, again, became nervous and really seemed apprehensive about visiting with the police chief. But TC assured her that she was doing the right thing.

Upon their arrival at the police station, TC and Miss Grettle walked into the station and headed directly to the police chief's office. TC went in first, explaining to Miss Grettle that he was making sure that the police chief was not working on any confidential material that needed to be placed elsewhere before she came in to the office. (Actually, he wanted to tell the police chief what had transpired so far in his conversation with Miss Grettle.) Entering the police chief's office, TC saw that the police chief was on the telephone. The chief, nodded at TC and made a motion with his hand to come in and have a seat. Soon, the chief hung up the phone and stood up, moving away from his desk. He started to speak.

“TC”, he said, “what's going on with the case? Do you have anymore information for me?”

“Yes, chief, in fact, I have Miss Grettle outside the office. She is willing to tell you everything. She has already told me some of what's been going on. I know that she is pretty nervous about all of this, but I assured her that both of us wanted to help her and collar the individuals responsible for the drugs that have been coming into town. If you want, I will go and ask her to come in. Is that ok?”

“Sure,” said the chief. “Go bring her in. I'd like to use a tape recorder to tape her actual words, but I will first give her the 'Miranda's' and have her sign a paper giving me permission to record this information session. I will make sure that we will not be interrupted and maybe we can get this all out of the way in a short length of time. Of course, I will have her start at the very beginning, even though you have already heard it. So, yea, go call her in. I will do my best to assure her that she will be protected from harm. We don't know yet what we are dealing with, but I suspect it is one of the higher level dealers that have been known to prey on people such as Miss Grettle.”

TC went to the door and opened it. Turning to the left where the benches were, he spoke softly to Miss Grettle, asking her to please come in to the office. She walked in front of him and as he passed through, he shut the door, leaving a “do not disturb” sign on the outside of the door, facing the hall way.

“Miss Grettle, we need to hear your story from the beginning”, the police chief said. “ I know that you told TC some of what has happened to you in the last several weeks, but I need to have a record of the conversation for legal purposes. Do you mind if I record this interview? I will need to first read you a statement and then have you sign a paper stating that you understand what we are doing here today. I am afraid at this time I will need to place you under arrest for the possession of illegal substances- those pills, TC told me about. This is just a formality and really for your own safety at this time. First. 'You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say may be used as evidence against you. You have a right to an attorney, now or at anytime during these proceedings. If you can not afford one, the court will appoint one for you. Do you understand this statement? Would you like to contact your attorney? You may call him right from this office.”

“Yes, sir.” Miss Grettle said as tears began to flow once more. “My attorney's name is Tavish Oneal, of Oneal, Canter and Barth. His office is right in town above the bank. I will call him and see if he can come right down.”

“Would you please sign and date this document, stating that I have read you your rights, that you fully understand them and you have not been forced into signing this document? Here is a pen.” the police chief said.

Miss Grettle signed the document, then slowly slumped back into her seat near his desk. TC was in the other chair that sat on the opposite corner of the chief's desk.

“Let's begin, Miss Grettle.” the chief said. “Please start at the beginning, telling me everything you told TC in your kitchen this afternoon. I am now turning on the tape recorder.”

She told the chief exactly what she had told TC earlier that afternoon and then continued her description of the events that had taken place over the last several weeks.

She continued to speak,” I really didn't know that anything was wrong. I just knew that I was having the treatments done and there was no mention of money, ever. I thought that Dr. Thomas was really helping me out, by sending me to this “mysterious man”. I went every week to see Dr. Thomas a couple days after my treatments to have my blood drawn. He said this was to see if the treatments were helping. I made contact with the people I was instructed to give the packages to and collect the money from them. Returning home and burying the money in a box beneath the parsnips. Then when it was the day for me to go back to the 'big city', I'd dig up the box, remove the money and put it in my purse. As soon as I would arrive at the “mysterious man's” office, I would turn over the money, leave for my treatment and then once again, return to the office and pick up the next bunch of packages. Each time I went to his office, he would offer me ice tea, telling me it was “special”. I tried to find out why it was so “special”, but he would not offer me that information until I told him about the package that had been damaged in my purse, spilling the contents out. He said they were something called Ecstacy, what ever that is and that they were in big demand. I guess that is about all I can tell you. I think I have told you everything.”

“Thank you, Miss Grettle,” the chief said. “ I do need to ask you a few more questions before we are done. Can you describe what the “mysterious man” looked like? How about the address where his office was located. And, who were the people you contacted in this town when you delivered the packages to? You, see, Miss Grettle, we want to catch those responsible for bringing these “pills” into our community. They are becoming more popular with the kids, especially the high school students. If we can come up with descriptions of these people, we can bring them in for questioning and possible arrest, nipping this problem in the bud. I know that we had to arrest you and I am sure that you are upset and scared, but under the circumstances, at this time you are part of this crime. We really want to nail those who are the leaders of this drug ring and we need your help. I can not guarantee that the DA will drop the pending charges against you, but with your help to secure a conviction against these others, he might decide to let you off with a sentence of probation or drop the charges all together. Mind you, he could choose to prosecute you for the pending charges, which might involve spending time in jail. I can't tell you now what will exactly happen, but the more information you give us to get these other guys, the better it should be for you. Do you understand?”

“I think so.” Miss Grettle said once again in a faint voice. I will try to describe the “mysterious man” for you. He was very handsome, dark hair, maybe in his late 30's, light color, very professional looking with an expensive looking suit and tie. His voice did not seem to have an accent. I can't remember what color eyes he had, but he did wear glasses, you know the reading type. I can't give you a very good description of the people I gave the packages to and took the money from, because each time there was at least one new person in the group. I would have to think that they were possibly around the late teens or very early twenty's and while most of them were boys, there were a couple girls. They all dressed like students dress, not formal or anything. Some had the torn clothes that seem to be popular and some were sort of “preppy” looking. There was maybe two that almost looked like they dressed like they were very rough and tough looking, but for the most part, they could have easily blended right in with the high school students at Connerville High. None of them would ever talk very much and when I delivered the packages, our meetings were very brief. As I mentioned, I was instructed to meet them in a certain place in town and it wasn't the same place each time. Sometimes I met them in the park, sometimes in the parking lot of the grocery store. This last time, I met them at the town's book store. I hope this will help you. Can I go now? I am feeling very tired and must head back home soon.”

TC broke in with some thoughts that had been going through his mind, while the chief was questioning Miss Grettle. “Chief, what would you think if we let Miss Grettle go for one more treatment and pick up her last supply of “pills”? I am thinking that in order to catch this group of drug dealers, we need to put a wire on Miss Grettle and have her do what she had been doing all these last few weeks. Of course, (turning towards Miss Grettle,) Miss Grettle would have to agree to do this.” He looked at both the Chief and Miss Grettle and received nods from each one of them.

The Chief looked squarely at Miss Grettle and said, “ Do you realize that this could be dangerous for you?”

Miss Grettle, once again spoke.” Chief and TC, I know that I have done something that was bad and even though a part of me felt that something was just not right, I sort of felt excited that I was doing something out of the ordinary for me. Chief, you know that I have lived a rather sheltered life, living here in Connerville. Putting a wire or whatever you said, on me to try to catch these bad people, does not scare me. I want to see an end to all this and hopefully get back to a regular routine, at least one that I used to have before all this happened, so 'yes', I'll wear it.”

“Miss Grettle,” the Chief said, “Do you mind signing another paper for us? It is just a form, stating that you are permitting us to wire you for this operation which we will be called by your code name, “Grey Rose”. Please do not discuss this with anyone other than TC or I.”

Miss Grettle signed the paper and agreed to all the terms. It was getting late and TC said he would drive her back to her house. The operation, “Grey Rose” would begin next week on Miss Grettle's next visit to the “mysterious man's” office.

The week seemed to pass so slowly for Miss Grettle. She had been in contact with her attorney and he agreed that it would be ok for her to be involved with the operation that was planned for next week. He did caution her, like the Chief did, as to the danger involved, but also mentioned that he would be in contact with the DA to see if he would be willing to drop the charges or lower them because she was willing to cooperate fully with the authorities.

As the week went by, Miss Grettle spent time in her garden, but it clearly wasn't the same. The joy that she had while working out in the yard seemed to be gone. She had trouble sleeping and would toss and turn most nights, leaving her very tired out in the mornings. She wasn't sure if the reason she felt so bad was because of her illness or the fact of all that had happened in the last few days. All she knew is that she just wanted all if it to be over.

The day had arrived when Miss Grettle was due to go to the “big city” for her last treatment. TC and the Chief had spent the day before explaining to her how everything would happen. They told her that they would be out in an unmarked car, near the “mysterious man's” office and if once she was inside, they felt that she was in any danger, they would break in and rescue her. Miss Grettle let TC wire her with a tiny microphone and reviewed the procedures once more. He asked her if she had any doubts or if she wanted to forget the whole thing. She assured him that she wanted to continue and get this done before she really did loose her nerve.

Both Miss Grettle and TC and the Chief were now headed towards the “big city”, each in their own vehicles. When Miss Grettle approached the “mysterious man's” office, TC and the Chief in their car went ahead and parked just out of sight of the building. They made the final testing of the microphone Miss Grettle was wearing, by having her talk in a normal voice.

She would slowly speak into the microphone. “This is “Grey Rose” can you hear me?”

In her ear was the tiniest earpiece that was smaller than most hearing aids. TC would be able to talk back to her if he felt it was necessary. He did speak back to her, to let her know that he had heard her and that all systems were in place and ready to go.

“Be careful, Miss Grettle”, TC whispered in the earpiece. He turned to the Chief and said, “I sure hope that this all works. I know that Miss Grettle means well and wants to help, but I have found that in some cases when we get to this point, the person gets so nervous that they end up making a mistake and then it becomes messy.”

“I think she will do ok TC”, the Chief said as he prepared to start filling out some paper work.

The silence seemed so lengthy, then all of a sudden there were voices. The voices were Miss Grettle and the “mysterious man”. She didn't seem too nervous and sat down for her usual glass of ice tea. She knew that she had to keep the “mysterious man” talking for several minutes so that the Chief could record his voice. She decided to tell him that on her last visit to the hospital for her treatment, she had found out that the treatments were not working. She was told that she no longer had to come back after today. The “mysterious man” told her that she still needed to continue to come into his office. He had said that she still owed plenty for her treatments and that even if they didn't work, she was still responsible to him to continue doing him “favors” until her debt was paid in full.

Of course this changed everything. Miss Grettle was very nervous now, but didn't want to let on that she was afraid of him. He pointed out that if she decided not to show up on her regularly scheduled date, that he would come find her. This made her even more upset and her only thought right now was to run out of his office, run for her life, she thought. But instead, she presented herself as calm and even sipped on the glass of “special ice tea” he always brought to her. When she was done, she rose from her chair and headed out to the hallway. He reminded her of her appointment next week and also mentioned that she better not forget to come.

She was never so glad to get into her car. As soon as she opened her door and sat down, she whispered to TC that she was in her car and wanted to go immediately. He told her to drive out of the parking space, just as she usually had done. Once she came to the corner, she was to turn left and then proceed to the next corner and head back to the expressway for home. She was so relieved that this part of the operation was over and now all she had to do is to bring the packages to the people the “mysterious man” told her to meet. Her part of the operation would be concluded.

When both vehicles arrived back in town, Miss Grettle drove to the location that she was given by the “mysterious man”. TC and the Chief stayed a distance behind, so as to not arouse any suspicion that someone was following her. She arrived at the location and got out of the car, walked over to the store front and walked inside. There she met the group of people, of which one asked if she was “Grey Rose”. She acknowledged by motioning her head in a 'yes' fashion and said quietly- “yes”. All of this was of course being recorded on the Chief's tape recorder, while he was in his parked car. At the proper moment, TC left the car and headed towards the store front. The Chief stayed behind, calling on his radio for back-up to come to the site, without any sirens. TC walked into the store, walked towards an isle that was in view of Miss Grettle, but not where the group of people could notice her. He witnessed Miss Grettle handing over the packages and receiving the money. He approached ever so carefully and at the moment he felt was best, he managed to bump into Miss Grettle, (the group of people did not know who he was, as they were not from the town.) and casually greeted her with a smile and a “hello”. He then quickly turned once more and proceeded to announce that all who were in the group were under arrest. At that point, the back-up squad of police, came in and hand-cuffed each person in the group and led them out of the store to awaiting squad cars for their trip to the police station.

“I think we did it!', exclaimed TC. “Are you ok, Miss Grettle? Our job is now done. It's time for the DA to take over. I am sure you are much relieved about now. Remember, there is still a ways to go in this case, but I think we 'nailed' them and the next step is to confront Dr. Thomas. After that has happened, the Court and the DA will decide what who “get's” what. You can now take the wire off and I will take it back to the station. Thank you so much for your cooperation. I will contact you if we need any more information from you. Be sure you do not leave town.”

“Yes, I'm glad this is over, “ Miss Grettle said with a big sigh. “I feel more nervous now than all during the operation. I am looking forward to going home, taking a nice relaxing bath and then maybe a nap. What about the “mysterious man”? What will happen to him? He said if I didn't return at the appointed time, that he would come after me. I am not so sure I will feel at ease, home alone.”

“Don't worry, Miss Grettle, I will see that there is a police matron who can stay with you tonight, but as we speak, we have law enforcement personnel approaching the “mysterious man's” office. They will arrest him and take him to the police station there, in the 'big city', so I do not think you'll have to worry about him anymore,” TC assured her as they both left the store.

Now that all remained was to confront Dr. Thomas. TC and the Chief, both in plain clothes, drove to the medical building and walked inside. There, the secretary politely asked TC if he had an appointment. TC replied that he did not, but needed to see the doctor immediately. She looked a bit puzzled, but pointed in the direction of the Dr. Thomas' office. The knocked once and entered with out waiting to hear Dr. Thomas's invitation.

“What's going on?” Dr. Thomas blurted out, as he jumped from his seat in surprise.

“Dr. James Thomas, you are under arrest for the selling and trafficking of illegal drugs. You have the right to remain silent...” TC advised him.

“Wow, wait a minute, what's going on here?” Dr. Thomas blurted. “I have done nothing wrong. Where do you get coming in here and accusing me of some dastardly crime?”

“Oh, we have proof,” the Police Chief stated. “Come with us down to the police station. I'm sure you will enjoy the company when you arrive there. You have friends waiting for you. Heck, you all can have a party," he said in a sarcastic voice.

“I want to see my lawyer”, The Doctor said, “and soon!”

“You'll have the opportunity to contact him, once we are at the police station. Come along now, you don't want to miss your 'party', do you?” the Chief said again in the same sarcastic tone.

Once they all arrived at the police station, the 'wheels of justice' started to turn. All were booked. Those that wanted to contact attorneys were given the opportunity to contact them. Then all were herded into the police station's holding cells until such time as the judge could set a time for arraignment.

“All in All Chief, this was a pretty decent haul, wouldn't you say?” TC exclaimed.

“I sure hope that this puts an end to the drug problems in our community. I would have never thought that it would have turned out this way, not in a million years. I mean, an old maid retired school teacher, a doctor. I guess one can never know what goes on in peoples minds or why they do such things,” the Chief said, shaking his head. “ Well, I better start on the paper work. I know that the DA will want it as soon as possible. I would like to have you and I listen to the tapes to see if there is any way we can identify any of those persons in the 'group' we collared at the store.”

“Sure, Chief”, TC said. “Do you think that the police in the “big city” have the “mysterious man” in custody?”

“I will call up there right now and check,” the Police Chief said. “I'm sure they have, but I will check for Miss Grettle's sake, ok? You know, I see a promotion coming your way, TC. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised that someday you might be the head of the agency,” as he chuckled.

“Thanks and who know's what I'll be doing in the future. I do know though, that I will always want to help in the fight to eliminate the drug problems our nations seems to becoming more tolerant to,” TC said with a sigh as he headed for the door. “I want to check on Miss Grettle and see if the police matron arrived and everything is ok. If you need to call me, call me on my cell phone.”

“Ok, sure TC...this has been one heck of a day, “ the Chief said.

“Yea...” TC said as he left the Chief's office, closing the door behind him.

A day it had been indeed, for such a small town as Connerville. What happened here was not the norm, but you know what? Scenes like this are becoming more and more a problem. Drug problems do not just happen in the 'big cities'. They are spread out everywhere. No community is immune to this problem. Law enforcement agencies have known this for some time. Citizens of these rural communities either use the old “stick the head in the sand” method or out right deny that there is a problem. Parents spend less and less time with their children, especially the pre-teen to teenager groups. They tend to think that just because “Johnny or Jenny” want something, that they are obligated to get it for them- and right now. Worldly influences will always be among us. There will always be those who would because of greed, selfishness and good old criminal intent, seek to take advantage of those persons who they feel are 'easy targets'. Does this mean we should 'suspect' everyone, the new neighbor who moved into town a few months ago, a new business, our kids latest friends? No, but we need to be vigilant always, keeping our eyes and ears open to what we see and hear around us. It means, listening to our law enforcement agencies and those agencies that tell us that we have a problem in our community. Then we must all work together to correct mistakes that have been done, persuade those with the attitude that “it can't happen here,” to maybe it can or has, so now let's do something to make it better. It will take much work on all parts. Smaller towns do not like to spend money on law enforcement. In many cases, it's up to the county sheriff or state police agencies. Hey, folks, they all can't be everywhere at one time. Many of the rural areas cover huge distances. There is no way possible to cover these areas completely at any given time. Just think of the logging roads or hunting camps near by? Think of the fields of crops grown by farmers. As you drive by, do you notice anything unusual? Is there activity that is not the norm for that particular area? Do not hesitate to contact your local law enforcement agency and let them know what you have seen. They will handle it from there. We must work with the local groups that are set up to deal with these problems. Yes, this means, we might have to give up a night of TV to attend a meeting or two or it might mean not being as popular with our children as we always want to be, but that's ok too. These children are our future and while some might go on to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, law enforcement personnel, some might just opt to stay in the community, continuing the family's business of farming or a locally owned business. We must not let the less than quality values thrust upon us by those who only have one thought in mind- that of tearing apart old fashioned, wholesome family values, leaving human destruction at every corner of the country. This will take away what we hold dear as Americans, bringing up our children to be good citizens of a great country.

Now, lets get back to the story and see how it turns out. I am sure by now, many of you might have guessed what happened to each of the characters in this story. They were arrested, obtained attorneys and were arraigned. Miss Grettle is now awaiting her fate. Will she get prison time or will the DA let her plead to a lesser charge with the possibility of the charges being dismissed or a sentence of probation? What do you think she deserves? After all, she did cooperate with the authorities to help them nab the primary persons responsible for bringing drugs into Connerville. The police matron and Miss Grettle had left the station to return to Miss Grettle's house. Should we wonder what Miss Grettle will do once she arrives home? Will the police matron carry out her duties to protect Miss Grettle from the “mysterious man”? What will TC find when he drives out to check up on Miss Grettle, later that day?

How would you end this story? Will all of the “bad guys” get prison time? Did the “mysterious man” get to Miss Grettle and subsequently kill her off before she had her day in court? You, especially those of you who live in the more rural areas of our country, write in to us and make a comment, telling us what you think.

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