Constantine's Circus, Inc. Joins Forces
with Community Arts Program

HOME . Paul Wilson, President of the Circle City Gallery on Central Avenue in Albany, announced today that the gallery has retained Terry O'Neill, President of Constantine's Circus, Inc., to spearhead the gallery's fundraising campaign. His task is to raise $45,000 to complete renovation of the landmark building that will house the Capital Region's newest graphic and performing arts center. The project is currently more than half-way to completion.

"Mr. O'Neill has a proven record of finding resources for worthy projects. He goes at it with passion and commitment. We are lucky to get him," said Wilson. "His extensive experience in the field of community crime prevention and restorative justice will be particularly valuable in making a success of our Youth Outreach Program -- the centerpiece of the Circle City Gallery's contribution to the community."

"Mr. Wilson has said, 'Send a child to school with a paint brush, not a gun,'" said O'Neill. "There is a lot of concern about youth gangs in the Capital District right now. I'm helping Paul and his supporters for that reason. To his message I will add, 'The only 'colors' we want to see around here are those used to realize visions of freedom, justice and beauty on canvas.'"

The Circle City Gallery, which has won the support of the community and local businesses, is part of a growing movement to transform the lower blocks of Albany's Central Avenue into the city's premier arts district. Other projects include the expansion of the Albany Institute of History and Art and the creation of the WAMC Performing Arts Center. When complete, the gallery will contain exhibition and performance space, workshops and artists' studios.

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