Constantine's Circus, Inc.
Becomes 100th Member of
Dignity for All Students Coalition

HOME . Constantine's Circus, Inc. has joined a growing coalition of advocacy organizations that are urging the New York State Legislature and Governor George E. Pataki to pass and enact the Dignity for All Students Act. The bill is sponsored by Assembly Education Committee Chairman Stephen Sanders and Senator Tom Duane. The purpose of this legislation is to ensure that every student may go pursue his or her educational goals in a school environment conducive to learning and personal growth, free from harassment, discrimination, exclusion and violence.

Modeled on legislation adopted in California two years ago, this bill would require the New York State Education Department to initiate a process of requiring school districts within the state to develop and implement policies and procedures educating students and school district personnel on the negative effects of discrimination, harassment and intolerance and instituting effective measures to prevent and to remedy the effects of discriminatory conduct, up to and including sanctions. School districts would have broad latitude to develop and implement policies and procedures appropriate for their individual educational communities.

Our letter apprising the coalition of our support is reproduced below.

12 May 2001

Ross Levi, Executive Director
Empire State Pride Agenda
90 State Street
Albany, New York 12210

Dear Mr. Levi:
Constantine's Circus, Inc. was organized in 1997 for the purpose of combating drug abuse, violence and intolerance. We are of the opinion that drug abuse and violence in particular are manifestations of a pandemic of depression in our society. People are either numbing themselves with drugs and alcohol or lashing out in rage and frustration. It is a public mental health problem of unprecedented proportions. A significant cause of that problem is discrimination and intolerance.

The officers and directors of the corporation have asked me to convey to you our desire to be listed as a member of the coalition that is working toward the enactment of the Dignity for All Students Act. We believe this proposed law will effectively guide school authorities throughout New York State toward the development and implementation of effective policies that properly educate students on the negative effects of discrimination and intolerance.

We compliment Empire State Prida Agenda on its leadership in this effort and look forward to speedy passage and enactment of this historic measure.

Yours truly,


Fighting School Violence. Terry O'Neill meets with leaders of the effort to get the Dignity for All Students Act passed. From the left are Ross Levi, Executive Director of the Empire State Pride Agenda, Terry, Tony O'Rourke, Rich DiMaggio and John Myers, Counsel and Executive Director respectively of the Coalition for Safer Schools.

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