Former Superintendent THOMAS A. CONSTANTINE, a member of the Niagara Frontier Chapter, was in Belfast, Northern Ireland more than once in late May meeting with the British Minister for Northern Ireland, PETER MANDELSON, and others in anticipation of accepting a uniquely new Law Enforcement position -- one of the most difficult undertakings set out in Northern Ireland's 1998 "Good Friday" Peace Accords: Independent Police Oversight Commissioner for all of Northern Ireland.

Tom, who has always taken pride in his Irish-American-Catholic heritage can be depended upon to be at his most fair and objective best in this most Herculean of law enforcement jobs, this HUGE job, in which he must assess whether the proper changes are resulting, and in the right way, and at a fair pace. The Irish can expect nothing less; the British can ask for nothing more.

Can the deep-seated hatreds and hurts rooted in almost thirty years of fierce political and religious divisions, armed confliuct, and too many innocent lives lost, be set right in three years? Or five years? We are proud to have you numbered among us, one of our own, as a Former New York State Trooper, TOM CONSTANTINE, knowing that if any success is to be had, you are the Former Trooper who can find it. Godspeed!

Former Trooper Morey Gavin of Blasdell, NY, is a mainstay of the Niagara Frontier Chapter of the Association of Former New York State Troopers, of which Mr. Constantine is a member. He has also given heart and soul to their beloved charity the Former Troopers Helping Hands. Helping Hands grants very sick children a special wish. Morey is pictured here enjoying his favorite children's book at the Former Troopers Annual Reunion.

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