27 May 2001

The Honourable Sir Ronnie Flanagan
Office of the Chief Constable
Royal Ulster Constabulary
Brooklyn, Knock Road, Belfast BT5 6LE
Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Dear Sir Ronnie:

On learning of the public arts initiative “Poetry in Motion” currently underway in Belfast, I thought we should get involved. Accordingly, we wrote to all the top state troopers in the United States this past week asking each to write and submit a poem through the good offices of Colonel Ed Culhane of the Rhode Island State Police.

I've also notified The Providence Journal of this initiative so that Colonel Culhane will be the more encouraged to carry out the duties of his appointment with due diligence and dispatch.

I see that many of your political and civic leaders have submitted their efforts in verse. Have you? If so, would you be so kind as to share it with us?

I have the honor of squiring Earl Constantine around County Clare over the next two weeks. No, Professor Tom Constantine has not been elevated to the peerage. (He's peerless anyway, as you well know.)

Earl is the patriarch of the Bangor, Maine branch of the Clare Constantines. He's 80 years old and, with the approach of our departure date upon us, said to me this morning: “I'm psyched!”

Remarkable breed, those Constantines.

Yours truly,


tyger jumping through hoop

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