HOME . On August 27, 1994, in the first year of Mr. Constantine's administration of the DEA, there was a tragic plane crash in the Huallaga Valley in the Peruvian Andes. Five young DEA Special Agents were killed. They had been on routine patrol in the remote area of the mountains where some sixty percent of the world's coca is grown. Their names were:

Frank S. Fernandez, Jr.

Meredith Thompson

Jay W. Seale

Juan C. Vars

Frank S. Wallace, Jr.

These young people were from hometowns all across America. They epitomized the spirit, courage, dedication and sacrifice of the men and women who serve the American people in the struggle against drug trafficking, violence and intolerance.

The Board of Directors of Constantine's Circus, Inc. consulted sculptor Hy Rosen, the artist who created the Gray Rider for the New York State Police and a monument that stands in New York's state capital in tribute to the women of the state who have served in the armed forces, to develop a concept for a tribute to the five lost agents. We selected as our theme the Southern Cross, a constellation of five stars that is visible in the Southern Hemisphere and that serves mariners as a guide much as the North Star does in the Northern Hemisphere.

Mr. Rosen's beautiful design for this monument is presented here on our web site. We welcome comments and expressions of interest from the public on joining us to create this memorial.

southern cross monument

tyger jumping through hoop

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