HOME . The charming lady in the photo is Sinead Spelissey, the proprietress of a bookshop in Ennis, County Clare. Terry O'Neill met her and enjoyed her Irish hospitality during his visit to Mr. Constantine's ancestral home town in June 1996. Ms. Spelissey is a noted local poet and literary lioness.

Learning of Mr. Constantine's work in the struggle against illegal drugs, which are a problem in Ireland as well, Ms. Spelissey rang up the Garda and invited over its regional drugs investigator, who must, of course, remain anonymous.

Mr. O'Neill especially enjoyed the luncheon that Ms. Spelissey kindly served up: a whole smoked mackeral. On learning that this is Mr. Constantine's absolute favorite luncheon dish, she assured Mr. O'Neill that there were plenty more where that came from and that Mr. Constantine could certainly look forward to a savory repast when he comes to visit.

Constantine coat of arms

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