HOME . Constantine coat of arms When we last left our hero, he was strolling the groves of academe doing his best to look donnish. But that could not last. And indeed, the call was not long in coming.

And so, on May 25, 2000, an item appeared in The Times of London announcing, perhaps a bit prematurely, that he was to be appointed Oversight Commissioner to guide the process of reconstituting the Royal Ulster Constabulary as a new police service for Northern Ireland.

Said he: "Today, six people tell me I have an impossible job, which makes me nervous."

Well, wouldn't you know, his new office is located in Belfast in a building called Stormont Castle. We always believed that good Sir Tom would end up in a castle.

And so, the story continues...

A Message from the Former Troopers

A letter to Secretary Mandelson

Terry's Big Adventure (Tom's Too)

Terry's Letter To Tom

Tom and Terry debut

Terry's Letter To Sir Ronnie Flanagan, Chief Constable, PSNI

A Beauty Born

The Religious Controversy

"The Two Foxes"

A New Tradition

A Grant of Arms

A Clare Friend

Important Stuff


A Modest Proposal

"Don't Our Children Matter?"

The Way of Restorative Justice


Sir Ronnie Flanagan, PSNI: A Cop's Cop

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Constantine coat of arms

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