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1. A Sound of Alarm
The Siren

2. A Community Police Officer
The Foot Patrol

3. A Born Investigator
The Detective

4. On Highways and Byways
The Speed Limit

5. Firepower
A Gun

6. Missing
Little Girl Lost

7. Bad Dream of Genie

8. Hitting a Homer
Tom's Home Run

9. Too Fast Food
A Pizza Connection

10. By any other Name
The Name of the Ruse

11. A Man Called Crazy Horse
Up in Crary's Kingdom

12. The Pause that Refreshes
The Sacrament

13. The Mild Wild One
On Wheels

14. A Nose for News
The Police Beat Reporter

15. Front and Center Stage
The Toughest Detail

16. The Golden Age
Someday, There'll Be No More Old Folks

17. After a Death
"Off-Duty Trooper Shot and Killed"

18. The Heart of Darkness
The Southern Cross

19. And He Shall Rise
Charlie Mills

20. A Wall of Heroes
Police Memorial Day

21. The Unthinkable
By Their Own Hand

22. If the Suit Fits ...
A New Tradition

23. That Last Supper
The Parting Glass

24. One from the Heart
The Way to a Man's Heart

25. Heart to Heart
A Ballad for Chief Al DeCarlo

26. Mr. Rockwell's Vision
The Runaway

27. A Star-Spangled Banner
The Flag

28. All Wrapped Up
Terry's Big Adventure (Tom's, Too)


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