You might never see a gun except on the hip of a police officer. There may be no one in your family who owns one. You may only know them from what you see on television or at the movies. You may be very lucky in that.

Unfortunately, guns are everywhere in our society. There are so many of them that some people think of them as a hazard in our environment like pollution or germs. In some communities guns are very common and bad people use them to threaten, to rob and even to kill people.

You can read in the newspapers today that some young people have brought guns to school -- sometimes with terrible consequences. They think they need them to protect themselves or they carry them so that others will "respect" them.

They could not be more wrong.


Some are small and some are bigger.
But all of them have got a trigger.

And when you squeeze, the hammer falls
The thunder echoes through the halls,

The streets and alleys, the vacant lots,
The crowded places, the empty spots.

Then you look for some young face
And empty, empty is its place.

So, kids, I hope you don't elect
To tote a gun to gain "respect".

'Cause no one's really any bigger
Just 'cause his finger's on a trigger.

You'll grow no older or wiser, sadly;
For your tale is ended and ended badly.


Tyger jumping through hoop

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