Sooner or later, most people forget themselves and exceed the speed limit.

When they do, they may very well encounter a police officer. As the Teletubbies might say: "Eh-oh!" The officer will pull them over, look at their license and registration and give them a ticket. Speeding is a violation and if you are guilty of it, you have to pay a fine and your insurance company finds out about it. Insurance costs more for people who have been guilty of speeding and other traffic violations. You can see that the consequences of speeding are not very pleasant at all. Why do we have and enforce the speeding laws? Because speeding is dangerous. Common sense tells us that the faster you go, the harder it is to stop, to avoid obstacles and to react to unexpected situations you might encounter in traffic such as ice or wet pavement. And that is why our police work so hard to discourage people from speeding.


Now, you might think that just for fun
The Trooper points the radar gun.
But that's not true. No how. No way.
He's not just out to spoil your day.

You see, it's part of Troopers' work
To curb the road hog and the jerk
Who of his neighbor fails to think;
Who might have had too much to drink.

'Cause when they're out upon the road
And disobey the highway code
And jeer and sneer and say: "Who cares"
The life they risk is not just theirs.

You see the Trooper stern and grim.
What is it, kids, that saddens him?
What every cop's too often seen
At yet another smash-up scene.

And soon he's reaching for the bell
On someone's door with news to tell
In voice that's quiet, sad, polite
That someone won't be home tonight.

I hate to scare by being graphic
But bad things happen out in traffic
When someone thinks that rules apply
To no one but the other guy.


Tyger jumping through hoop

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