HOME . One day, Terry packed up all his important stuff and ran away.

As he walked along the road, he met a State Trooper in a gray uniform with a Stetson hat and a purple tie. His name was Tom. Tom said: "Where are you going, kid?" Terry said: "I'm going to join the circus." Tom thought about that for a moment and said: "Great idea. Let's go!"

So, off they went.

Before long, they found the circus and signed aboard.

Tom quickly found a job that suited him to a T -- 5 Ts, in fact. They billed him as Trooper Tom The Tiger Tamer. He would perform every night in a cage with huge, ferocious tigers. He trained them to do amazing things. One time, he taught them to play football and they almost beat the Buffalo Bills in an exhibition game!

Terry learned to do magic tricks and he made up and told stories about Tom and all the people and animals in the circus. Soon, he had all the children and the old people telling his stories and trying out the tricks he had taught them. (They really were magic, but anyone can learn to do them if someone teaches them the secret.) There was a part for each and everyone in all of his stories and the magic showed them the power they had to make the kind of world they wanted for themselves and their children.

Terry had great qualities of leadership. No one has ever done a better job of getting all the performers and the animals -- even the elephants and the donkeys -- to work together to put on a great show.

Eventually they voted to make Terry their Ringmaster. That was a smart move on their part. The circus prospered and drew bigger crowds and performed in more cities and towns than ever before and even went to foreign countries.

Well, that's the story of two friends who found the perfect jobs for themselves. And of course, everybody lived happily ever after.

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